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About Northfield Community LDC:




The mission of Northfield Community LDC is to enhance the quality of life within the community through:

  • Development of affordable housing
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of the existing housing stock
  • Energy conservation improvements and testing for safety in buildings
  • Promotion of economic development and financial literacy education
  • Support  of homebuyer and foreclosure prevention efforts


Vision Statement


Northfield Community LDC believes that the strength of a community lies in the quality of its housing, the vibrancy of its local economy and its provision for human needs.  The organization strives to promote these qualities directly and with the support of other resources in the community.  Northfield achieves these goals through the intelligent use of energy, protection of the environment, and economic empowerment as advanced via its program.


Values Statement


Northfield Community LDC believes that in order to fulfill its mission, its board, staff and volunteers must perform their respective duties with integrity, honesty, and respect for each other and the communities that they serve.


Northfield Community LDC offers a wide variety of programs and services, all with the goal of improving the quality of life of Staten Islanders in Port Richmond, the North Shore and Island-wide.  

Our Economic and Community Development department partners with local businesses and civic organizations to promote and grow Port Richmond's small businesses and to provide support for start-up and expansion to local entrepreneurs.   This department also focuses on quality of life issues such as graffiti abatement and holiday and other civic events such as Flag Day and Port Richmond's annual Veterans Day observation to bolster community spirit and increase consumer traffic in the commercial district.

Helping community members from children to seniors to develop the skills to achieve financial independence is the focus of our Financial Literacy department.   Through individual counseling and workshops in English and Spanish, as well as a "Train the Teachers" program in Staten Island high schools, we empower Staten Islanders to create budgets, to save, invest, and to build their futures on solid financial footing.

First-time homebuyers are among those who turn to our Housing department for guidance and assistance.   We provide individual counseling, educational programs on the process of buying a house and sponsor programs that assist qualified low-to-moderate income homebuyers with down payments and closing costs.  Our Housing department also provides foreclosure intervention to help people to remain in their homes.

We act as a clearinghouse to connect seniors with the services available to them through WRAP (Weatherization Referral and Packaging Program) for Seniors.  Our staff conducts intake interviews and needs assessments and help seniors to obtain assistance with transportation, medical needs, home repairs, safe housing, and meals.

Weatherization and energy efficiency services have been an important part of Northfield LDC since 1983.   The federally funded WRAP program provides free weatherization. Energy conservation, health and safety repairs free of charge to low income residents.  For those who do not qualify for free energy improvements, Northfield LDC offers the same services for a fee.  Additional energy conservation measures may also be installed through programs with National Grid and NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and development Authority).

We also act as a clearinghouse to distribute information about community events and resources in Spanish and English and translate informational materials for community events into Spanish.  If you have any further questions about Northfield Community LDC and its programs, feel free to contact us at: (718) 442-7351.

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