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Northfield Community Local Development Corporation is a community based organization founded in 1978 by the residents, merchants, and property owners of the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island, New York. Since our inception, our mission has been to improve the quality of life for Staten Island residents by upgrading and creating affordable housing stock, creating opportunities for economic development, especially for small businesses, and providing life-enhancing cultural and educational opportunities.

As the population of Staten Island has grown in diversity we have made outreach to and empowerment of our growing Mexican immigrant population an important part of our mission. We offer a variety of services in Spanish as well as English, including a notary public, and partner with other community organizations to provide specific services such as ESL classes.

address bar for Northfield Community LLDC 160 Heberton Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10302 phone number (718) 442-7351 fax (718) 981-3441